Coffee, Black

I have a gutter palette. And that’s why I love black coffee. It rewards my terrible palette with a proper dose of oomph. The more bitter, the better.

When I see people adulterating their coffee with creamer, sugar, etc., I just disagree with them. Heartily. They’re choices aren’t bad… just not the ones I would make and seem to rid coffee of its pugilistic quality.

Right now, as I write this, I have an “I <3 Dad” mug filled to the brim with very, very black coffee. I filled up the hopper with grounds on a 14-cup drip coffee machine while only going with eight cups of water. That’s my kind of ratio.

It’s worth noting that the “waking up” feeling you get right away from coffee has nothing to do with the caffeine. Yep, your feeling of alertness comes from the experience of the ole cuppa joe. The caffeine is at least 15 minutes behind in starting to affect your brain.

Embrace your experience.

And maybe realize that decaf coffee (blasphemy, I know) has a place in the rotation. You’ll still get your bitterness and warmth. Just while weaning off the caffeine… a little.

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